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Wurzetteer - Part 3 (O-Z)

Compiled by Zider Ed

The Wurzetteer lists in alphabetical order place names mentioned by Adge Cutler & the Wurzels in their songs, in the chat between songs on the records, or places which boast Wurzel connections. As well as West Country places, the list includes some foreign places mentioned in the songs, such as Paris and Spain. This is Part 3, covering places from O to Z.

Photos reproduced by kind permission of the photographers and copyright owners Kevin Goodall (indicated by [KG]) and Paul Gunningham ([PG]).

Old Market As the name suggests, formerly a market near the centre of Bristol.
Paris To France what Bristol is to the West.
Park Street Famous street in the middle of Bristol.
Pensford Village in Somerset, home of Acker Bilk.

Village south of Bristol, across the River Avon from Shirehampton. Immortalised in the song Pill, Pill.

M5 Crossing Pill Creek Pill Creek Pill Ferry Across the river
L-R: M5 crossing [PG]; Pill Creek [PG]; Pill Creek [KG]; "Across the fields to Shirehampton" [KG]; Across the Avon [PG]

Pilning Village near Severn Beach.
Plymouth Famous seaport in Devon.
Portbury Opposite Avonmouth across the Avon, in North Somerset - where the new docks were built.
Portishead Named after a famous pop group - a seaside town in Somerset, between Portbury and Clevedon.
Priddy North Somerset village near the Cheddar Gorge. Mentioned in "All Over Mendip". Also mentioned by Bob Barratt in his famous introduction to Adge Cutler & The Wurzels on their very first recording.
Radstock Town not far from Midsomer Norton in Somerset.
Rose & Crown Pub used by the Wurzels. Anyone know where it is?
Royal Oak

The historic birthplace of recorded Scrumpy & Western music, this Nailsea pub deserves to be a shrine to Adge Cutler. But the many pilgrims making the trek to the Royal Oak are disappointed to discover that its present owners seemingly don't care about its illustrious past. Surely a framed copy of the cover of Adge Cutler & The Wurzels' ground-breaking first album, which bears the pub's name on the front cover, on the wall in the bar wouldn't be too much to ask?

The Royal Oak The Royal Oak Pub Sign Folk Club Sign
L-R: The Royal Oak [PG]; The Royal Oak [KG]; Pub sign [KG]; Folk Club sign [KG]

Rudgleigh Inn Pub in Easton-in-Gordano, immortalised in Adge's song.
St Georges Part of Bristol in the Brandon Hill area, best known for its famous concert hall, where Pete Atkin once appeared.
Saturn Not a pub, but a planet.
Sea Mills Near the Avon, west of Bristol, out towards Shirehampton.
Severn Beach

As its name suggests, a place on the Severn, in Gloucestershire, near the new Severn Crossing - which weren't there in Adge's day.

Stanton Drew Severn Beach [KG]

Sheephouse Lane Street in Easton-in-Gordano.
Shepton Mallet Town in Somerset, once famous for Showering's cider mill - alas, no proper scrumpy is made there these days. Home of Jacko, the Shepton Mallet Matador - well, not really - that were Timsbury.
Shirehampton West of Bristol, on the north side of the Avon, opposite Pill.
Singapore Place east of Somerset where they like faggots with pickles, cheese and ham.
Somerset The English county of Adge Cutler's birth, and the home to Scrumpy & Western music, as well as some of the best cider in the world.
Somerton Village near Charlton Mackrell in Somerset.
Spain Country much loved by Adge Cutler, who spent some time in his pre-Wurzel days working there. Mentioned in some of his songs, including Barcelona Blues and The Shepton Mallet Matador.
Stanton Drew

Village not far from Chew, with its famous stone circle.

Stanton Drew The Stone Circle, Stanton Drew [PG]

Stanton Wick Village near Stanton Drew.
Star, The

A pub in Pill, one of Adge's old drinking haunts, mentioned in the song.

The Star Pub Sign Photos of The Star, Pill [KG]

Stogumber Somerset village near Watchet.
Stogursey Village not far from the Quantocks in Somerset.
Stratford on Avon Home of Willie The Shake, the inventor of draught bitter and part-time Bard of Avon (not to be confused with Adge Cutler, Bard of Avonmouth).
Taunton The county town of Somerset, known as Cider City. Sadly, the Taunton Cider Mill no longer makes real scrumpy. But there are plenty of small cidermakers not too far away, such as Sheppy's just a few miles down the A38.
Temple Combe Village south of Wincanton.
Temple Meads Part of south-east Bristol, famous for its rail station.
Timsbury Village north of Midsomer Norton and Radstock. Home of Jacko, the Timsbury Torero.
Tormarton Village not far from Chipping Sodbury.
Totterdown A place of (to quote Adge) "gurt steep 'ills", in south Bristol.
Treorchy Place in South Walesfamous for its male voice choir.
Ubley Somerset village near Blagdon Lake.
Upton Cheyney Village between Bristol and Bath.
Venus A planet some miles from Somerset.
Wales Foreign country on the opposite side of the Bristol Channel.
Webbington Village not too far from Weston. Home of the Webbington Country Club, where Adge Cutler recorded some of his album sessions.
Wells City near the Mendips, famed for its cathedral.
West, The England's West Country, which includes Bristol, Somerset and most of the other places listed here.
West Harptree Village near Ubley and Hinton Blewett.
Weston Super Mare Seaside resort on the west coast of Somerset, made famous by the Wurzels' song Sunny Weston Super Mare - a sort o' Blackpool of the West.
White Lion Pub mentioned in the song Hark At 'Ee Jacko. I've never found out exactly where it is - does anyone know?
Wookey Somerset place famed for its caves.
Yatton A small town in North Somerset, near Congresbury. Home of the 'famous' snuff mines (according to John Macy's lyrics)
Zuider Zee Supposedly in The Netherlands, but in the song by Adge Cutler & The Wurzels, an imaginary sea of cider.

If thee's thinks o' any more I missed, or couss tell I any more about'n, don't keep'n to thyself - Don't Tell 'Ee, Tell I!

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