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The Mangledwurzels
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Wurzetteer - Part 1 (A-D)

Compiled by Zider Ed

The Wurzetteer lists in alphabetical order place names mentioned by Adge Cutler & the Wurzels in their songs, in the chat between songs on the records, or places which boast Wurzel connections. As well as West Country places, the list includes some foreign places mentioned in the songs, such as Paris and Spain. This is Part 1, covering places from A to D.

Photos reproduced by kind permission of the photographers and copyright owners Kevin Goodall [KG] and Paul Gunningham [PG].

A38, The Before they built the M5, the A38 was the main route for scrumpy seekers from the Midlands of England to get down to scrumpy country to stock up. The road is still there and goes right down to Cornwall, via Gloucester, Bristol, Bridgwater, Taunton, right past Sheppy's Scrumpy Mills, then on down to Devon and Cornwall. Immortalised in the Wurzels' song Rock Around The A38.
Alaska Most northerly US state - even colder than Portbury in winter.
Alpha Centauri Said to be a long way from Somerset. Never been there, mind.
Arno's Vale A cemetery on the A4 out of Bristol, mentioned at the end of Virtute Et Industrial.
Ashton Gate In south-west Bristol - most famous for being the home of Bristol City FC. Mentioned in Cheddar Cheese and, of course, One For The Bristol City.
Ashton Park In south-west Bristol.
Avon, River The river that flows through Bristol and Bath emptying into the Severn estuary at Avonmouth.
Avonmouth The port on the north side of the Avon estuary. Featured in Adge's song about the gin-swilling ladies who ply their trade round the docks (or used to, anyhow).

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Bangkok Town somewhere east of Wincanton, so I'm told.
Barcelona A place in Spain, famous for its cathedral and its football team - but obviusly more famout for Adge's song Barcelona Blues.
Barrow Gurney A small village in Somerset near Bristol Airport, mentioned in Drink Up Thy Zider and Hark At 'Ee, Jacko - the home of Ernie in both cases. Barrow Gurney was once home of a famous Bristol Mental Hospital; so when Adge's songs were penned any references to Barrow Gurney in those days were understood to mean you were talking about the hospital.
Bath A city in North East Somerset, named after its famous hot baths (as used by the Romans).
Bedminster A sort of southern suburb of Bristol - the correct pronunciation for this is "Bemminster". Bedminster Down - a sort of hill in south Bedminster.
Birmingham England's second biggest city - in the Midlands. Mentioned in Moonlight On The Malago.
Blackpool A small insignificant seaside town nsomewhere north of Severn Beach.
Blagdon A village in North Somerset - mentioned in All Over Mendip.
Blaise Castle Located north of Bristol - and mentioned in The Bristol Song.
Bombay Place in India.
Brean Down Sort of headland near Weston in Somerset.
Bridgwater A town in Somerset - mentioned in All Over Mendip.
Bristol The capital of England's West Country and home to Adge Cutler for many years. Places in Bristol are mentioned in many songs, including Thee's Got'n Where Thee Cassn't Back'n, Hassn't?, Virtute Et Industrial (the Bristol motto), Moonlight On The Malago, and of course The Bristol Song. You'll find many of these places mentioned in the Wurzetteer. Some of the songs also mention Bristol's two famous football teams, the City and the Rovers.
Broadmead A shopping centre (based around the street of the same name) in the centre of Bristol. Mentioned in Thee's Got'n Where Thee Cassn't Back'n, Hassn't?.
Broom Hill An area of Bristol, mentioned in The Bristol Song.
Burley New Forest village. Home of the White Hart, where Adge recorded some sessions.
Burnham on Sea Also referred to as "Burnham by the Sea" as mentioned in the song Easton in Gordano. Small seaside resort on the West coast of Somerset.
Burrington Combe A gorge in the Mendips, less famous than the larger Cheddar Gorge. Mentioned in All Over Mendip.

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Calcutta Place in India.
Cardiff Place across the Severn - capital of Wales.
Catalonia Not a Welsh band, but part of southern Spain, mentioned in Barcelona Blues.
Charlton Mackrell A Somerset village, featured in the title (but not the lyrics) of The Charlton Mackrell Jugband.
Charterhouse A small village in the Mendip hills; mentioned in The Champion Dung Spreader.
Cheddar In the Somerset Mendips - famous for its spectacular scenery (the Gorge), its scrumpy and for giving its name to the world's most famous type of cheese, as featured in the Wurzels' song Cheddar Cheese. Also mentioned in The Champion Dung Spreader.
Chesterfield A Derbyshire town, famous for its church with its twisted spire; mentioned in The Champion Dung Spreader.
Chew, River Somerset river, mentioned in When The Common Market Comes To Stanton Drew.
Chew Magna Village in North Somerset, home of the famous Chew Magna Cha Cha.
Chewton Mendip Not only mentioned in Easton in Gordano, but famed for the celebrated Easton in Gordano Love-In.
Chipping Sodbury Small town in Gloucestershire. Mentioned in the song Easton in Gordano. The centre of controversy following Adge Cutler's contradictory claims (on two separate occasions) that both Reg Quantrill and John Macey were "the man who put the sod in Chipping Sodbury". It is not known which of these assertions is correct, or indeed whether they were both jointly responsible. Does anyone out there know?
Chittening Along the edge of the Severn near Avonmouth and Severn Beach.
Clapton-in-Gordano Home of the Black Horse, one of the best pubs in North Somerset, once a frequent haunt of Adge and the boys.
Clevedon Somerset seaside town famous for its pier. Mentioned in Hark At 'Ee, Jacko.
Clifton The post west side of Bristol seperated from North Somerset by the Avon Gorge, spanned by Brunel's famous Clifton Suspension Bridge, and home of the legendary Coronation Tap cider pub.
Congresbury Small Somerset town mentioned in Thee Cassn't Kill Cooch and Adge's version of My Threshing Machine.
Costa Brava Holiday area in southern Spain.
Crabapple Hill Title of a Wurzels song - I don't reckon it exists in real life - unless anyone out there knows different?!
Cribb's Causeway To the north of Bristol - nowadays best known for its huge shopping mall.
Crown, The Pub used by Adge Cutler on Saturday nights, and home of the village band. Anyone know which village?
Cumberland Basin Where the Avon was dammed to form Bristol's famous Floating Harbour.

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Denny Island Island in the Chew Valley Lake. Most famous for being where the legendary 1960s pirate radio station Radio Pill was moored, until closed down by the government who made it illegal for farmers to supply the crew with scrumpy. A few DJs remained on ship and continued broadcasting Scrumpy & Western music across North Somerset and the Mendips in defiance of the government, using scrumpy supplies smuggled out to the boat in milk churns, but eventually the cider ran out and the crew were forced to abandon ship. The station went off the air after playing their theme song - naturally, this was a version of Pill, Pill.
Devizes Wiltshire town famous for 6X and Old Timer.
Dings Part of Bristol in the Bart Nil area.
Dorset County next to Somerset, on the south coast of England. Made famous by the song Dorset Is Beautiful.
Dover Seaport in Kent - a popular departure for travelling across the English Channel to France and Belgium. Mentioned in the song Easton-In-Gordano.
Downend In Bristol... mentioned in Moonlight On The Malago.
Downs, The Hilly area in the Clifton area. Mentioned in The Bristol Song and Virtute Et Industrial.
Druids Arms, The A pub in Stanton Drew, mentioned in the song When The Common Market Comes To Stanton Drew.
Duke, The

The Duke Of Cornwall pub, in Pill - mentioned in the chorus of Pill, Pill.

The Duke The Duke
L-R: The "Duke" (PG); The "Duke" (KG)

Dundry Village in North Somerset, just outside Bristol.
Durdham Down Hill in the Bristol area.

If thee's thinks o' any more I missed, or couss tell I any more about'n, don't keep'n to thyself - Don't Tell 'Ee, Tell I!

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