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all you ever wanted to know about Adge Cutler & The Wurzels

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The Mangledwurzels
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Brian WalkerBrian Walker
(Wurzel 1966-1967)

Brian was the legendary "Fifth Wurzel". He was drafted into Adge's new band in 1966; poached from Acker Bilk's Paramount Jazz Band. He played the 'a kind of twisted tuba, later named The Wurzelphone, with some dexterity' on the first Adge Cutler album - most evident on Drink Up Thy Zider. But Wurzelling was not for him, and a year later he quit the band.

Brian WalkerWith typical modesty, Brian now claims he's not really a musician, although as he has shown he can certainly play well enough for Wurzel music - and prior to being a Wurzel, Brian played in various jazz bands in the Bristol area with such distinguished musicians as Acker Bilk; so he is certainly no amateur!

In addition to all this, Brian has another claim to fame - he is a gifted cartoonist and illustrator, and still contributes regularly to some of the UK's best-loved children's comics. The cartoon right showing a cat chasing a mouse down the horn of a tuba while the mouse escapes out of the mouthpiece, appeared in Punch magazine in 1952. [Click on the image to buy a print from]

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