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Alternative Versions Of Wurzel Songs

This section lists some of the known versions by other artists of songs recorded by The Wurzels or Adge Cutler - including parody versions. The list is by no means complete - if you know of any other alternative versions of Wurzel Songs not listed here, then Don't Tell 'Ee, Tell I!

Give time, I will separate this into Wurzels songs done by other artists, other artists songs done by The Wurzels, and songs parodied by The Wurzels.


Recorded by


Blackbird, The Bernard Miles
The Yetties
Bernard Miles' version was featured in The Rent Collectors, an episode of the popular 1950s BBC Radio comedy series The Goon Show, in which he appeared that week as a guest. The Yetties recorded their version on their 1972 album Dorset Is Beautiful.
Champion Dung Spreader, The Steve Benbow On Steve's album Of Predicaments And Situations.
Chandler's Wife, The Phil Harris Phil Harris recorded a version of this song called The Thing - the tune is the same as the old folk song The Lincolnshire Poacher.
Charlton Mackrell Jugband, The Trevor Crozier
The Yetties
The Plonkers
Trevor Crozier, who wrote the song, called his version The Piddletrenthide Jugband, after the Dorset village - The Yetties used the same title for their version. The Plonkers relocated it as the Dibden Purlieu Jug Band. The village name isn't sung anyway, so it makes no difference to the song!
Combine Harvester Melanie
Brendan Grace
The Wild Colonial Bhoys

Melanie's hit single Brand New Key was the original song parodied by The Wurzels.
Brendan Grace (who wrote the parody lyrics) had a #1 hit with Combine Harvester in 1975 in the Ireland Singles Charts.
The Wild Colonial Bhoys are a duo of Irish-Americans from Minneapolis who have parodied the parody, recording a song called Kinky Boots - an anti-British Army version of the song. (The Americans hate it when countries occupy other countries - except when it's them doing the occupation, of course. Don't you just love 'em!)


Don't Tell I, Tell 'Ee Trevor Crozier Trevor recorded two versions of this song (which he co-wrote) on his albums A Parcel Of Old Crams and Trouble Over Bridgwater.
Dorset Is Beautiful The Yetties The title track of their 1972 album.
Down On The Farm Ian Whitcomb Ian wrote and recorded this song himself - it was issued on an album and as a single.
Drink Up Thy Zider Foster & Allen This appears on the album Foster & Allen's Greatest Hits. It has a slightly different title Drink Up The Cider (sic) and the lyrics are slightly altered - for example, in the chorus they sing "We'll knock the milkmaids over...". Rather than Adge Cutler as composer, their version is credited to "Hurley, Cassidy" - presumably the slight differences in the words and title were considered enough to justify their claim to authorship - I wonder if Adge's lawyers would agree, though...?!
Farmer Bill's Cowman Whistling Jack Smith The original for this parody was an instrumental I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman, issued on Deram in 1967. As this was an instrumental, The Wurzels were credited for their new lyrics.
Five Foot Flirt Cyril Tawney
The Yetties
Cyril Tawney wrote this song, and sung it on his album In Port accompanied by The Yetties, who also recorded their own version without Cyril!
Folk Song Bernard Cribbins This song was apparently from a stage show.
Gotta Have Tenderness Glen Campbell This song appeared on an album By The Time I Get To Phoenix.
Harvest Of Love Benny Hill Co-written by the popular TV comedian, this was a hit for him in 1963.
I Am A Cider Drinker George Baker
Jonathan King
The original of this song Paloma Blanca was written by George Baker (under his real name), and was a hit for both him and Jonathan King.
I Couldn't Spell !!*@! Sam The Sham & The Pharoahs
Fred Wedlock
As far as I can tell, Sam The Sham's August 1968 version was the original of this song, predating Adge Cutler's. Fred Wedlock's came later.
I Wish I Was Back On The Farm George Formby
The Yetties
George Formby's original version appeared in a 1940 film. The Yetties recorded it as an album track in the 1970s.
Keep Yer 'And On Yer 'Alfpenny The Fivepenny Piece This appeared on their live album The Fivepenny Piece On Stage.
Little Darlin' The Diamonds
Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders
The Diamonds original version was a hit in the late 1950s. Wayne Fontana's was a 1960s beat cover.
Marrow Song, The Billy Cotton This was recorded by the famous bandleader on an album.
Morning Glory Tommy Makem & Liam Clancy An album track by the Irish duo.
My Threshing Machine The Yetties
Fred Wedlock
This is an old song - Fred Wedlock's version is considerably different from the others.
Oom Pah Pah from the musical Oliver! From Lionel Bart's phenomenally successful musical stage show Oliver! (based on Dickens' Oliver Twist), which was later made into a popular film (1969). Both the original cast of the stage show's version and the film soundtrack version are available on record.
Poor, Poor Farmer The Yetties An album track recorded by The Yetties.
Pub With No Beer Slim Dusty
The Dubliners
Slim Dusty's original hit version of this was followed by a sequel The Answer To A Pub With No Beer. The Dubliners' version appeared on an album.
Riley's Cowshed Clinton Ford
The Yetties
Clinton Ford's version of this song appeared on an album. The Yetties' version was titled Bandy Bertha's Birthday.
Saturday Night At The Crown Mike Yarwood Issued as a 1968 single by the then-popular impressionist.
Speedy Gonzales Pat Boone A top ten hit for Pat Boone on both sides of the Atlantic in 1962.
Thee's Got'n Where Thee's Cassn't Back'n, Hassn't? Fred Wedlock On Fred's album The Folker.
The Tractor Song The Mixtures The original version of this song was The Pushbike Song - a big UK hit for this Australian band in early 1970s.
Twice Daily The Wolfetones
The Yetties
Not surprisingly (since they're from Ireland) The Wolfetones' version of this song is sung in an Irish style - they've even added their own sing-along chorus! The Yetties' version is available on one of their CDs.
Virtute Et Industrial Fred Wedlock Fred Wedlock's version of Adge's homage to Bristol appears on a "mini-LP" (i.e. a 7-inch one!) about the city's sounds and culture.
The Wurple-Diddle-I-Do Song (The Village Band) Will Glahe Adge set his own words to this old German tune known as Dorfmusik (Village Music). There must be many other versions but this is the only one I've found so far.
Willie The Shake The Scaffold The original of this song was Lily The Pink, a number one UK chart hit for The Scaffold in the late 1960s.

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