Paul Gunningham 1951-2007:    Founder of  'Wurzelmania'

singer, songwriter, musician, archivist, music fan and cider drinker

father, husband and friend.

Sadly missed but never forgotten!

Paul Gunningham

Paul, an incredibly keen Wurzels fan, set up the very first website dedicated to 'The Wurzels' and petitioned hard to get more 'Wurzels' material released on CD. He was instrumental in the release, amongst other things, of 'The Finest 'Arvest Of The Wurzels' CD in 2001.

He encouraged so many people to get involved in his 'Wurzelmania' project with huge success and is greatly missed by friends and family alike. 

Paul passed away after a tragic road traffic accident in 2007, as he was leaving home to go on holiday with his wife Frankie and son Harry.

Gone, but certainly not forgotten.
Thanks Paul.

Proff W.