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Wurzelmania! Wurzelmania! News Archive 2002

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This page contains an archive of the News items for the year 2002 written by Zider Ed whilst he was maintaining the Wurzelmaina! website.

Brand New Wurzels Album Released (November 2002)

The Wurzels' new album Never Mind The Bullocks - Ere's The Wurzels! will be released on 18th November 2002. Following the success of their Oasis tribute single, the lads have issued a whole album of songs made famous by some of their favourite artists from recent years. more info here...

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New Wurzels Single Released (August 2002)

The Farmyard Four's new single will be released on 30th September 2002. Returning the compliment to Oasis - who dedicated their album (What's The Story?) Morning Glory to their favourite West Country band - The Wurzels are to issue a tribute to the Northern heroes Noel & Liam - a cover of the lads' big hit Don't Look Back In Anger. more info here...

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