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all you ever wanted to know about Adge Cutler & The Wurzels

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Adge Cutler Gig Archive 1950s-1966

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We have virtually no information about details for Adge Cutler's pre-Wurzels gigs. Prior to forming The Wurzels Adge performed across the West Country as a solo artist. I have spoken to various people to claim to have seen him in the old days - one old chap in The Trout pub in Keynsham claimed that Adge would turn up there and down a few ciders at the pub on his way to a gig further afield!

If you have any dates and venues please let us know so we can start building this archive. Dig out those old ticket stubs, plough through those old diaries - let's see what comes up!

1937 or 38

Village Institute, Nailsea

Adge's first ever public perfomance - as recounted on the sleeve notes for Family Album - Adge (aged about 7) sang There'll Always Be A Nailsea. Sadly this song never made it onto any of his albums (probably due to copyright reasons!)


The Cavern Club, Liverpool

On the sleeve notes for Family Album, Adge recalled that he travelled to Liverpool and sang at The Cavern Club for a couple of quid - and that this was his first professional gig! This is before The Beatles made the place famous, so must be in the 1950s.

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