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The Wurzels and Adge Cutler Discography

Farmer Bill's Cowman / Springtime
The Wurzels


Release Date: June 1977

Side 1

  1. Farmer Bill's Cowman (Roger Greenaway, Roger Cook; special lyric: Tommy Banner, Pete Budd, Tony Baylis, Bob Barratt)

Side 2

  1. Springtime (Banner, Baylis, Budd, De Sylva)

Arranged and Conducted by Ed Welch
Producer: Bob Barrett

Another Wurzels' parody, this was based on the 1967 UK instrumental hit I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman by Whistling Jack Smith, written by Roger Greenaway, Roger Cook. Because the original song was an instrumental, The Wurzels and Bob Barrett are credited on the record for 'special lyrics'. The Wurzels' version reached #32 in the UK singles charts in June 1977, and was (to date) their last top 40 hit single.

"De Sylva", who co-wrote Springtime with the band, may also have been Richard De Silva (spelling?) who was producer on Coughin' Song single in 1982.

The single was taken from the Give Me England! album; the b-side was unreleased at the time.

Also see Farmer Bill's Cowman sheet music.

Pictured below is the A4 size, double-sided EMI Records trade information release sheet for the single.

Pictured below is what appears to be an advertising postcard for the single - already 'straight in at no 45' in the charts!

Farmer Bill's Cowman

a-side of the single

Farmer Bill's Cowman

a-side of the single label

Farmer Bill's Cowman

b-side of the single label

Farmer Bill's Cowman

Promotional release of the single with the release date marked.

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