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The Mangledwurzels
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The Wurzels and Adge Cutler Discography

Up The Clump
Adge Cutler & The Wurzels

Columbia DB8462

Release Date: 23 August 1968

Side 1

  1. Up The Clump (Adge Cutler)

Side 2

  1. Aloha, Severn Beach (Adge Cutler)

Musical Direction: Henry Davis

Up The Clump showed a change in direction regarding the choice of what songs to release as a single. Adge's rock 'n' roll number, complete with Tommy Banner's Jerry Lee Lewis-style piano playing and a drummer - a novelty for The Wurzels in those days before they had a regular drummer - showcased a different side of the Wurzels; but again, failed to chart.

Aloha, Severn Beach reappeared on the 1969 Carry On Cutler! album, and while the two versions are not identical, they're very similar and could have been recorded at the same session. The track is dated 1968 on the album so this would seem likely.

Henry Davis is named as the musical director on the single, rather than Bob Barratt who was named as producer on all Adge's previous singles.

Poor, Poor Farmer

Single in the original Columbia sleeve

The Wurzels

7XCA 27839 - Front label

The Wurzels

7XCA 27840 - Back label

The Wurzels

Front label of demo copy

The Wurzels

Back label of demo copy

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