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The Wurzels and Adge Cutler Discography

Somerset Monopoly

Monopoly, the great property trading board game now finds its home in Somerset. You can now play the classic game with the landmarks and locations which give the county its distinctive appeal and character. And pride of place on the board are The Wurzels!

Yes, where once there was a Water Works (£150), now you will find Tommy, Pete and the rest of the band. Now that's a good use of a brownfield site!

Sadly the picture (right) doesn't show it too well. The band are in the top right hand corner in between the Yellow 'properties' of 'Cheddar Caves & Gorge' and 'Minehead', and two places short of the 'Go To Jail' square. But you will have to shell out on a copy of the game to see them in all their glory - and have your opportunity to buy The Wurzels! What would Adge have said?

The manufacturers, UK-based game firm Winning Moves, say of the game: "In Somerset you will find a wonderful mixture of countryside and coast. Inland there are many hills on which to stroll and numerous areas of natural beauty. The Levels and Moors form a backdrop to Glastonbury Tor, centre of mystery and legend. Not far from Glastonbury is Wells, England's smallest city with a magnificent 13th Century cathedral and a delightful market square. The nearby caves at Wookey Hole and at Cheddar Gorge will transport you back to prehistoric times while in Taunton Vale lies the town of Taunton. Somerset's county town has shopping, entertainment and a famous castle, now the home of the Somerset County Museum. In a County of such beauty, you'll find few squares on the board you won't want to land on, so give the dice a roll and see where the game of Monopoly takes you in Somerset, The Jewel of the South West!" For more information - including a list of all the new squares, check the World Of Monopoly website.

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