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all you ever wanted to know about Adge Cutler & The Wurzels

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The Wurzels and Adge Cutler Discography

Carry On Cutler! (Recorded at the Webbington Country Club, Loxton, Zummerzet)
Adge Cutler & The Wurzels

Columbia SX6367 (mono)
Columbia SCX6367 (stereo)

Release Date: 1969

Adge's fourth album Carry On Cutler! was another live album offering a mix of original Cutler compositions mixed with other material. It was recorded at the Webbington Country Club - where the previous album Cutler Of The West was recorded - with 'additional recording' at the White Buck Inn, Burley in Hampshire. The resulting album is made to appear as if it were recorded at a single live session, although clearly this is not the case.

New boy Tony 'Gaffer' Baylis has now replaced Henry Davis in the band, but Davis' input remains as he resurrects his role as musical director (as he was on Carry On Cutler!). The album is also the first with a drummer - in this case, two drummers, presumably used at the different recording sessions. The result is an albums with some good moments and some great versions of Adge's best-loved songs.

Band line-up: Adge Cutler (vocals), Reg Quantrill (banjo and guitar), Tommy Banner (accordion and piano) and Tony Baylis (tuba and bass).

Introduction by Tony Harding
Drums: Eddie Clayton and Douggie Wright.

Musical Director: Henry Davis
Producer: Bob Barratt

Recording Engineer: Peter Brown

Side 1

  1. Drink Up Thy Zider [Play On] (Cutler) *
  2. All Over Mendip (Cutler)
  3. Down On The Farm (Whitcomb)
  4. Folk Song (Dicks, Rudge)
  5. Aloha, Severn Beach (Cutler)
  6. Oom Pah Pah (Bart)
  7. The Harvest Of Love (Hill, Anthony)

Side 2

  1. I Couldn't Spell !!**&@&**!! (Thompson)
  2. The Chewton Mendip Love-In (Whitehead, Gardner)
  3. Saturday Night At The Crown (Henderson, Barratt)
  4. Riley's Cow-Shed (Demerell, Hargreaves)
  5. Ferry To Glastonbury (Cutler, Thomas)
  6. Willie The Shake (new lyrics & adp: Cutler, Bayliss, Banner, Quantrill)
  7. Drink Up Thy Zider
  8. [Play On] (Cutler) *

* Drink Up Thy Zider was not performed by Adge Cutler & The Wurzels, but was played as the lads came on-stage by the Webbington house band.


No singles were taken from the album, although the 1968 single Don't Tell I, Tell 'Ee and especially the b-side Faggots Is The Stuff are thought to have been recorded at the same time.

The 1968 single release of Up The Clump has a drummer playing, and is obviously recorded at a different (probably later) recording session. The b-side Aloha, Severn Beach is definitely a later recording.

Carry On Cutler!

album cover artwork (same for mono and stereo release)

Cutler Of The West

Album back cover (mono version)

Cutler Of The West

Album back cover (stereo version)

Carry On Cutler!

Side 1 of the mono version of the album (SX6367)

Carry On Cutler!

Side 2 of the mono version of the album (SX6367)

Carry On Cutler!

Side 1 of the stereo version of the album (SCX6367)

Carry On Cutler!

Side 2 of the stereo version of the album (SCX6367)

Recording Sessions

The recording of this album remains a bit of an enigma. The front cover states that it was recorded live at the Webbington Country Club, where the previous album Cutler Of The West was recorded. However, as the back cover makes clear, this is only partly true. Some of the tracks were recorded at the White Buck Inn, Burley in Hampshire but the cover does not state which tracks were recorded at which venue.

In saying that, there are two drummers credited on the album sleeve - Eddie Clayton and Douggie Wright. Douggie, listed second, only appears on three tracks: Down On The Farm, The Chewton Mendip Love-In and Saturday Night At The Crown. I think it can be reasonably asumed then, that Eddie played drums at the main recording session at the Webbington, and Douggie was the drummer as the secondary recording session at the White Buck. Thus we can make an educated guess at which tracks were recorded where.

Zider Ed says: 'To add the the confusion, the tracks All Over Mendip and Aloha, Severn Beach are dated on the album as having been recorded in 1967 and 1968 respectively - if these dates are correct, it would imply that the album was compiled from various takes and cobbled together.'
I have been unable to find where he gets this from, as there are no other recording dates on the album sleeves.

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