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The Mangledwurzels
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Ronnie Keys
Wurzels live bass player (19??s)

Ronnnie Keys is one of three musicians credited in the Mervyn Hancock's book Wurzel's World as 'musicians who have supported the band over the years'. This is the only mention I have found in any Wurzels literature to him - and he gets no mention on any of the Wurzels releases. For a long time he remained an elusive mystery...

Then, in the processing of doing some updating on the Wurzelmania! website, I came upon his name again and suddenly realised that I had met the guy! Myself and the guitarist from The Mangledwurzels had been attending a Musicians Union Songwriters Forum at the Colston Hall in Bristol in March 2007 (before I took over editing the Wurzelmania! website) and we were introduced to Ronnie. The sad thing is, we chatted about songwriting and gigging - and never once mentioned The Wurzels once!

But at least I got a picture for this archive (click on the pcture to see the three of us, hard at work drinking coffee!). And from our meeting, I can presume that he currently lives in the Bristol area (or at least in the South West), and is probably still active in the music industry.

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