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The Mangledwurzels
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Reg QuantrillReg Quantrill
(Wurzel 1966-1974)

Reg was Adge's original banjo and guitar player, and the longest serving member of the original band, apart from Adge himself. He left the band in 1974, only months before Adge died. He only wrote two songs recorded by The Wurzels - Drunk Again with John Macey, and Mother Nature Calling with Tony Baylis.

Reg was also the butt of much of Adge's on-stage humour, described as "the man who put the 'Sod' in Chipping Sodbury" (although this was also applied to describe John Macey), the "Engelbert 'Umperdinck of West 'Arptree", and as "Snake'ips Quantrill, the Elvis Presley of Chewton Mendip".

Reg was - and indeed still is - a well-known jazz musician in the Bristol area. He currently runs the Warmley Jazz Club, in Warmley just outside Bristol, putting on weekly jazz nights at the Warmley Community Centre (they were formerly at the Midnight Spinner pub in Warmley) on a Wednesday night. Previously he also fronted the Reg Quantrill Quartet who gigged around the Bristol and area jazz scene.

According to the Internet Movie Database, he appeared in the 1995 TV mini-series Little Lord Fauntleroy playing a character called Smithers. I have been unable to ascertain whether this was indeed 'our' reg, or another Reg Quantrill.

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