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all you ever wanted to know about Adge Cutler & The Wurzels

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Wurzel Ringtones

Be the envy of your friends! Help spread the word on the train, on the bus, in the pub, or at work!

Here are a couple of versions of a well-known Wurzels tune (hint: it's a favourite with Bristol City fans!) which can be "programmed" (whatever th'ell that be) into they "knock yur mow by aw phones" - dunno what they be, but they'm dead 'andy when thees out in the fields, we'm told! - Zider Ed

Note: the tunes below are protected by copyright.

Zider Ed's Version
Key = C
Alternative Version*
Key = F

tempo = 140 tempo = 125

8g2 8g2 8g2 2g2
8e2 8c2 8c2 8c2
2c2 2a1 4.g1 8c2
8e2 8c2 8g2 8e2
2.d2 8- 8g1 8.c2
16c2 8c2 8c2
8e2 4d2 8c2 8.a1
16a1 8a1 8a1
8d2 8.a1 16- 8a1
4b1 4b1 8b1 8g1
8e2 8d2 2c2

8c2 8c2 8c2 2c2
8a1 16- 8f1 8f1
8f1 2f1 4d1 4- 4c1
8- 8f1 8a1 8f1 8c2
8a1 4g1 8c2 8d2
4c2 8- 8c1 8f1 8f1
8f1 8g1 8a1 4g1
8f1 8d1 8d1 8d1
8d1 8g1 4d1 8f1
4e1 4c1 8a1 8g1
8a1 8g1 4f1 4-

* Ta to the bloke 'oo zent in thick awternative vershun, 'ooever 'e be - Zider Ed

If you have any Wurzels ringtones you'd like to share, Don't Tell 'Ee, Tell I!

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