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The Wurzels and Adge Cutler Discography

Come On Santa!
The Wurzels

Universal CDREC22

Release Date: 10th December 2001

Come On Santa! (Get Yer Act Together) was issued as a single for the Christmas 2001 market, as a special present from The Wurzels to their many fans, old and new, who had helped them to make it back into the charts after over 20 years without a hit. Unfortunately, the record was unable to repeat the success of the previous single.

However, remember that a Christmas single is not just for Christmas. Well, obviously it is - but it is also for next Christmas, and the Christmas after, etc, etc - so this one will undoubtedly surface again and again!

The band line-up is not credited on the sleeve, but one would presume that it is Tommy Banner (accordion, piano, vocals), Pete Budd (banjo, guitar, lead vocals), John Morgan (drums) and probably Dave Wintour (bass). Guest vocals are by Bob Noxious (courtesy of Extreme Music Production) - as credited on Never Mind the Bullocks album sleeve.

Songwriting credits are given to 'Wurzels, Allen, Willcox, Nicastro'; so one can deduce that this was recorded at Sil Willcox's Charlton Farm studios in Somerset and produced, arranged and mixed by George D. Allen and Louie Nicastro (also as credited on Never Mind the Bullocks).

  1. Come On Santa! (Get Yer Act Together) - Radio Edit
  2. Come On Santa! (Get Yer Act Together) - X-Rated Edit
  3. Drink Up Thy Cider (Live)

Come On Santa! was subsequently included on the Wurzels 2002 Never Mind the Bullocks album.

Come On Santa!

Come On Santa! front sleeve

Come On Santa!

Come On Santa! front sleeve

Come On Santa!

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