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The Wurzels and Adge Cutler Discography

One For The Bristol City / Cheddar Cheese
The Wurzels


Release Date: 1977

Side 1

  1. One For The Bristol City (Guy Fletcher, Doug Flett; new lyrics by The Wurzels)

Side 2

  1. Cheddar Cheese (Banner, Budd)

Arranger & Musical Director: Ed Welch
Produced: Bob Barrett

One For The Bristol City (described on the single sleeve as 'the official Bristol City F.C. song") was The Wurzels paying homage to their favourite football team, Bristol City. It was released the year after Bristol City had been promoted to Division 1 (what would now be the Premiership) at the end of the 1975/76 season. By 1977 they were established in the top flight, and One For The Bristol City was released as the official club anthem.

The song takes the music of their 1976 single Morning Glory and adds new words all about Bristol City. The lyrics are printed on the reverse of the sleeve (pictured right, enlarged below).

The song is the tune that the team run out to at home matches at Ashton Gate. The band re-issued the song in 2007 to celebrate the clubs' promotion back to the Championship (old Second Division) from the First Division (the old Third Division). This time is charted!

The b-side Cheddar Cheese was probably chosen as such because it is one of only three other songs that The Wurzels have recorded which mention Bristol City, and is the one which was more complimentary to the club! (See The Wurzels & Bristol City FC article)

front sleeve of the single

One For The Bristol City

reverse sleeve of the single



One For The Bristol City

a-side of the single

One For The Bristol City

b-side of the single

One For The Bristol City

reverse sleeve of the single, enlarged to show the song lyrics

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