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The Wurzels and Adge Cutler Discography

Golden Delicious
The Wurzels

EMI Note NTS 122

Release Date: April 1977

Golden Delicious was The Wurzels' third album, and their first studio album (the previous two being recorded live); it was also their first album on the EMI label. The album was the second best selling Wurzels album (after its predecessor) reaching #32 in the album charts.

Band line-up: Tommy Banner (piano, organ, accordion, vocals), Tony Baylis (bass, bass guitar, sousaphone and vocals) and Pete Budd (banjo, guitar and vocals).

Producer: Bob Barrett
Recording Engineers: Phil Chapman and John Kurlander
Recorded at Olympic Sound Studios, Barnes and
EMI's Abbey Road (London) Studios.
Mastered at EMI's Abbey Road (London) Studios by Harry Moss
Stings & horns arranged and conducted by Ed Welch

The sleeve notes also say: 'With thanks to Sue Martine and Andy White'. Andy played drums on previous two Wurzels albums, so one can assume he did the same on Golden Delicious. Sue's input remains more of a mystery, but one would presume that it is her voice heard on the song School Days, Young Days.

Side 1

  1. Drink, Drink Yer Zider Up (Greenaway, H & R Barter)
  2. Cabot Song [Big 'Ead] (Christie, Lawrence)
  3. Good Old Somerset (Banner, Budd, Wright)
  4. Rock Around The A38 (Banner, Baylis, Budd)
  5. I Keep Smilin' (Barratt)
  6. Pheasant Plucker's Son (Taylor)

Side 2

  1. Morning Glory (Fletcher, Flett)
  2. There's A Spider In The Bathtub (Baylis)
  3. Base Over Apex (Barratt, Baylis)
  4. Short Time Livin' (Spiro, King)
  5. School Days, Young Days (King)
  6. I Am A Cider Drinker [Paloma Blanca] (Bouwens; new lyrics by the Wurzels)





The Fivepenny Piece CD cover

Front sleeve of the album

The Fivepenny Piece CD cover

Back sleeve of the album

The Fivepenny Piece CD cover

Side 1 of the album disc

The Fivepenny Piece CD cover

Side 2 of the album disc

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