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The Wurzels and Adge Cutler Discography

Give Me England!
The Wurzels

EMI Note NTS 138

Release Date: December 1977

An album of studio recordings issued in late 1977 containing some interesting tracks including The Wurzels' last big hit single Farmer Bill's Cowman and Tommy Banner's autobiographical Haggis Farewell. The title track was the Original Theme from the Columbia Film Confessions from a Holiday Camp. Sadly the film (which was part of a series of Confessions films all starring Robin Askwith) was so much of a flop that the follow-up was cancelled - no reflection on The Wurzels input, of course!

Band line-up: Tommy Banner (piano, organ, accordion, vocals), Tony Baylis (bass, bass guitar, sousaphone and vocals) and Pete Budd (banjo, guitar and vocals).

Producer: Bob Barrett
Recording Engineers: David B. Charles (Rockfield), David Hamilton Smith (Olympic) and Dick Plant
(The Music Centre)
Mastered a
t EMI's Abbey Road Studios

Side 1

  1. Give Me England! (Welsh, Barratt)
  2. Willie Friese-Greene (Christie)
  3. Sally-Army Teacher (Taylor)
  4. Tremble On (Cook)
  5. The Mixer Man's Lament (Cutler)
  6. Speedy Gonzales (Kaye, Hill, Lee; new lyrics The Wurzels)

Side 2

  1. Farmer Jonesie's Travellin' Disco Show (Moody)
  2. Sousaphone Sam (Bentley, Orchard, Shaw)
  3. The Jubilee Day (Banner, Baylis, Budd, De Sylva)
  4. Hey, Come With Me (Baylis)
  5. Nellie The Bionic Cow (Baylis, Budd)
  6. Haggis Farewell (Banner)
  7. Farmer Bill's Cowman [I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman] (Greenaway, Cook; special lyrics: Banner, Baylis, Budd, Barratt)


One For The Bristol City was released not long after the Give Me England! single, but was not included on the album. The b-side Cheddar Cheese was originally on the 1975 The Wurzels Are Scrumptious! album.

Give Me England!

Album sleeve artwork for the cassette release

Give Me England!

Album sleeve artwork

Give Me England!

Reverse of album sleeve artwork

Give Me England!

Side 1 of the album

Give Me England!

Side 2 of the album

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