The Fivepenny Piece
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all you ever wanted to know about Adge Cutler & The Wurzels

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The Mangledwurzels
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The Wurzels and Adge Cutler Discography

The Very Best Of Adge Cutler
Adge Cutler & The Wurzels

EMI EMC 3191

Release Date: 1974

This compilation of some of Adge Cutler's best loved songs was taken from his various albums and singles (see below for details) and released after his death in 1974.

The tracks were all live and edited together to give the impression of a continuous live performance with snatches of Adge's chat in between, heavily cut to allow room for more songs. This was reissued in 1980 as Adge Cutler's Cider Drinking Favourites - same tracks, different packaging.

Producer: Bob Barrett

Side 1

  1. Easton-In-Gordano [b]
  2. Poor, Poor Farmer [e]
  3. Twice Daily [a]
  4. The Wurple-Diddle-I-Doo Song [c]
  5. Don't Tell I, Tell 'Ee [e]
  6. Saturday Night At The Crown [d]
  7. Riley's Cowshed [d]
  8. Ferry To Glastonbury [d]
  9. Up The Clump [c]

Side 2

  1. Thee's Got'n Where Thee Cassn't Back'n Hassn't? [c]
  2. Moonlight On The Malago [b]
  3. The Shepton Mallet Matador [b]
  4. When The Common Market Comes To Stanton Drew [a]
  5. The Champion Dung Spreader [a]
  6. Aloha Severn Beach [d]
  7. All Over Mendip [d]
  8. I Wish I Was Back On The Farm [e]
  9. Drink Up Thy Zider [d]
a.  originally issued on the album Adge Cutler & The Wurzels
b.  originally issued on the album Adge Cutler's Family Album With The Wurzels
c.  originally issued on the album Cutler Of The West
d.  originally issued on the album Carry On Cutler!
e.  originally issued on 7-inch 45 rpm singles

The Fivepenny Piece CD cover

album front sleeve

The Fivepenny Piece CD cover

album back sleeve

The Fivepenny Piece CD cover

side 1 of the album

The Fivepenny Piece CD cover

side 2 of the album

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