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all you ever wanted to know about Adge Cutler & The Wurzels

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Thanks are due to many people who have helped with information, pictures, etc. If we have missed anyone, please get in touch! These are listed below in no reverse order (latest first):

  • Ted & Kath Bowring for the Review of the Wurzels' Stena Line Cruise Gig on 18/9/1999
  • Ian Chippett from Bristol for his help with identifying some of the places, words of songs, and Wurzels history.
  • Jonathan Conibere for a mass of new Wurzels info.
  • Beverley Crust for information about Wurzels gigs, among other things.
  • Kevin Goodall for information on some of the Wurzels' recordings.
  • Andy Green for his support.
  • Warren Guest for providing various information about the Wurzels' activities and history.
  • Malcolm Howe for providing up-to-date information on the Wurzels' activities (1999-2002).
  • Allen Loveday for some Wurzel pictures and information, among other things.
  • Paul Norris for information and the wonderful scans of Wurzel Rock and Mendip Magic releases.
  • Michael Pelling for correcting information on the Wurzels on TV page.
  • Robert Tipping (aka tippingrobert) for information about Wurzels records, among other things.
  • All the people who have posted footage in the YouTube website: tippingrobert, ChrisKib, MonkfishMD, reltuc2001, davidmcn, wexiflex, and vulga

Information on TV appearances were gleaned from various online archives including the British Film Institute Archive, the Internet Movie Database, and the BBC website.

Thanks are also due to the following people: Richard Clemens, Andrew Down, and others who have helped in various ways with information, etc.

Many thanks to the others "too many to enumerate by name" (as Adge Cutler once said) who have provided information - keep it coming folks!

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